sonic toys

"sonic toys" is an ongoing series of web-based creative tools and instruments.

the project questions mainstream, often commercialized forms of digital interactivity, which often stops at the level of dazzling spectacles that mystifies, rather than democratizes, technologies and digitality. These types of interactive design and new media tends to intensify the problematic demarcation between programmers and users, and discourage technological agency.

trying to imagine more democratic practices of interactivity, sonic toys starts from the belief that visitors to these websites are not users, but collaborators.

these toys and tools operate from the standpoint of upskilling, creating and tinkering. unlike many interactive spectacles, these toys are meant to be taken apart, opened up, mis-used, broken and repaired.

in addition to the web-based front-end interface, each of the sonic toys are also presented with an invite for the visitor to read the code under the hood, to remix the website and to make new toys and tools.

noise typewriter

take apart and re-assemble this toy here.

sound drawing pad

take apart and re-assemble this toy here.

more to come