un-trademark sounds

"un-trademark sounds" is an ongoing series of web-based sound collages that seeks to examine and subvert the phenomenon of "sound logo" or "sound trademark."

sound logos, or sound trademarks are auditory brand identifiers, registered by companies or individuals for commercial use. the marketing industry is paying increasing attention to the profitability of such sound trademarks, a sign of ever-deepening levels of affective privatization and enclosures.

part of "The Musical Web" at school for poetic computation.

the project currently has the following sites that allow us to un-trademark sounds, and hopefully, to reclaim our sensory commons

privatized bliss sounds

mix, match, and mess with the privatized sounds of the windows xp operating system

whose break, whose ads?

"want a break from the ads" is a widely-ridiculed sound bite from spotify, which advises listners on the platform to "watch a short video" in order to get "30 minutes of ad-free music."

this piece tries to destablize this faimiliar form of monopolized attention economy by questioning what would a real, radical break from advertising -- and the capitalist exploitation of our affective labor it represents -- would look like.

i dont want a break from the ads. i want to break your ads!

not lovin it

if corporations like mcdonalds has told us that love equals consumption, what does it mean to reject such a decree? how do we reimagine love, belonging and relationships beyond private ownership and consumerist logic?