meet your server friend!

“meet-your-server-friend” is an initiative to build affective, intimate documentations about and relationships with the physical and material infrastructure supporting community networks.

one component of this project is a website that details the technologies, codes, machines, cables, people, services, care and labor that went into the self-hosting efforts of internet-undercommons.

i also initiated a webring, which links several web-based documentations various server friends taking care of communally-hosted projects and collective networks by friends and collaborators.

i also made a meet-your-server-friend tutorial page that seeks to invite more people to attend to the virtual and material infrastructures underpinning our digital existence. the html-text format is an experimental experiment that tries to practice coding as writing, and writing as coding, blurring the boundaries between the two.

home page of the website

home page of meet-your-server-friend

the home of our server-friend in singapore

the home of our server-friend in singapore

server neighbors

server neighbors

human traces

human traces at the data center

code prompt

coding as writing, writing as coding